Charles Stewart Parnell

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Michael Collins was a leader in the fight for independence.


New York-born Eamon DeValera lead the Republic.


Padraig Pearse used Irish identity to fight the British.


Robert Emmet's short, dramatic life left a mythic mark.


The Easter Rising was a key event leading to Irish self-government.


The Great Famine of 1845 to 1849 left over 1 million dead with a further 1 million emigrating over the following 10 years. One of the effects of the disaster was to demonstrate to ordinary Irish people that the English Government had failed them in their time of need and that they must seize control of their own destiny.

Out of the Famine grew several revolutionary movements which culminated in the 1916 Easter Rising. In the second half of the nineteenth century the main concern of the Irish people was their land and the fact that they had no control whatsoever over its ownership.

Charles Stewart Parnell was the son of a Protestant landowner who organised the rural masses into agitation against the ruling Landlord class to seek the 3 Fs: Fixity of Tenure, Freedom to Sell and Fair Rent.

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Parliamentarian Charles Stewart Parnell
Parliamentarian Charles Stewart Parnell