Michael Collins - An Irish rebel

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New York-born Eamon DeValera lead the Republic.


Padraig Pearse used Irish identity to fight the British.


Charles Stewart Parnell fillibustered for the Revolution.


Robert Emmet's short, dramatic life left a mythic mark.


The Easter Rising was a key event leading to Irish self-government.


Despite the extreme unlikelihood of any success the Easter Rising went ahead and resulted in the destruction of large part of Dublin city centre as well as the execution of the seven leaders of the revolt. This was the mistake by the British that turned the tide in favour of the insurgents for the first time. Public sympathy towards the executed men increased so much that Collins, DeValera and the remaining leaders could see that nationalism was about to peak in the country.

Collins was imprisoned in Frongoch internment camp where his credentials as a leader were further recognised by his captured comrades. After his release Collins quickly rose to a high position in both Sinn Fein and the IRB and started to organise a guerrilla war against the British. He even broke DeValera out of prison in England. The War against the British continued on through 1920 and 1921 despite the introduction of the 'Black and Tans' - mercenary soldiers introduced into Ireland by Churchill.

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Irish rebel Michael Collins
Irish rebel Michael Collins