Eamon DeValera - An Irish leader

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Michael Collins was a leader in the fight for independence.


Padraig Pearse used Irish identity to fight the British.


Charles Stewart Parnell fillibustered for the Revolution.


Robert Emmet's short, dramatic life left a mythic mark.


The Easter Rising was a key event leading to Irish self-government.


DeValera returned to negotiate with Lloyd George and soon realised that his ambition of a free and independent Ireland would not be granted. He returned home and sent a delegation led by Michael Collins to negotiate a settlement.

The subsequent Anglo-Irish Treaty was ratified by the Dáil in 1922 but DeValera opposed both the partition of the country and the Oath of Allegiance to the English crown that the Treaty required. A bloody Civil War followed which saw both the defeat of the Anti-Treaty side, led by DeValera, and the death of Michael Collins.

DeValera was again imprisoned but released in 1926 when he formed the Fianna Fáil party. He now attempted to achieve his aims by the use of constitutional politics. By 1932 he had removed the Oath of Allegiance and sought about establishing an independent Ireland. He created an Irish Constitution in 1937 but an Irish Republic was not declared because of the partition of the country.

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Irish Nationalist Eamon DeValera
Irish Nationalist Eamon DeValera