Cuchulainn - The hound of Ulster

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The history of Saint Patrick and the conversion of Ireland.


Ireland also has a female patron Saint: Saint Brigid.


Trinity College and its ancient Book of Kells.


Heroine Grace O'Malley was 'Queen of the Irish Seas'.


Was he the last great high king of Ireland?


There was a time in Ireland's history when chivalry and chieftainry ruled the land; when the country was occupied by bands of warriors who spoke only their native tongue and who cherished their heritage and civilisation. This was the time of Conor McNessa and the High Kings of Ireland, of the Gamanraide and the Red Branch Knights of the Emania. It was the time of Cuchullain.

All of the warrior bands had their own Seanachie, a person responsible for recounting the deeds of times past, a chronicler of the ages. Cuchullain was their most famous subject and hundreds of tales of his heroic deeds, both real and imagined, have survived to this day.

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Cuchulainn - The hound of Ulster
Cuchulainn - The hound of Ulster