Saint Brigid - The other Irish saint

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Although Saint Patrick is known worldwide, Ireland does have a female patron Saint: Saint Brigid. Known as Bridey, Mary of Gaels and even as Biddy, Saint Brigid was born near Dundalk to a pagan Gaelic chieftain named Dubtach (Duffy) and to a Christian slave mother named Brocessa, who was sold soon after Brigid's birth. She was baptized by Saint Patrick with whom she was to become friends.

As a child the young Brigid enjoyed a position of some comfort and privilege, the family being in receipt of financial support because of their position of authority. Upon reaching adulthood however, she assumed a role of servitude and was charged with caring for her father and family.

She never forgot her mother however and, despite being forbidden to do so, she left the family home, located her mother, negotiated her release from slavery and returned home to her fathers house. To her dismay, her father had arranged her marriage to a poet, who were among the most prestigious men of the time. Brigid had already vowed to remain celibate and to do God's work so once more, she left her home, this time forever.

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Saint Brigid - The other Irish saint
Saint Brigid - The other Irish saint