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The sunlight and shadow of William John Leech.


The 'impressionistic' interpretation of Walter Osborne.


From the ancient Book of Kells to modern post-industrial, Ireland's art scene is both rich and varied.


John Lavery was born in Belfast but was educated in Glasgow, London and Paris. He originally worked as an apprentice photographer but harboured ambitions to be a portrait artist.

He became an official war artist and eventually a chronicler of his times with paintings such as 'The Ratification of the Irish Treaty in the English House of Lords, 1921' and 'Blessing of the Colors: A Revolutionary Soldier Kneeling to the Blessed'.

His most famous work was perhaps that of his wife, Lady Lavery, 'The Red Rose' which was a painting that had a number of incarnations before it forever bore the face of the woman who was to adorn the Irish Pound note for half a century.

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